Design your own sweater.  First decide if you want a cardigan or pullover, then add all the details.  Eventually you will have the option to pick a color, yarn and stitch and order it to be hand-knitted.


The perfect app for art lovers.  If a piece of art is your focal point, use this app to pick a color palette based on your artwork.  App pulls images from the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.


When you travel to Spain/ France or any country that speaks a different language.  Download the app Transitlate to keep track of the words or phrases that you keep forgetting.


Fetch your new best friend with this app.  Based on your location and desired dog size, flip through an array of differnt dogs.  Click on the dog you like to get adoption information.


We all hate to take a cab and see the meter running while not moving.  This app uses google maps to find out if taking the cab is worth it.


WORLDAYS is a fictional website helping us to understand that our world is heating up.  We have ideas of new Technology helping to save the world and what we should eliminate that's destroying our world.                      

fashion sketches

Both hand and Adobe Illustrator sketches.

logo design

A selection of different logos that I've designed.